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I know we just blogged and raved about the cutest bag in the world, but we just received a shipment of the Lulu Guinness Dress Up Dolly Bag, and it, too, is the cutest bag in the world.

Originally made to be sold just in London – only in Selfridges and Lulu Guinness stores, we at SOLE 2 SOLE love the Lulu Guinness Dress Up Dolly Bag so much we’ve convinced them to let us share the love with our customers. In case you’re wondering why there’s a semi-nude girl in the middle of the bag – yes, you guessed it, you can relive your childhood playing with paper dolls!

Dress her up in one of the four brightly-coloured Parisian chic outfits and handbags to match! This time however, they’d last longer, and you won’t have to fight with your sister (or brother, we understand!) playing with it!

Fans of the bag include the very quirky Paloma Faith who’s also a loyal customer of Lulu Guinness.

We can’t decide which one is cuter – the Ice Cream Hut Bag or the Dolly Bag! We want to carry both, at the same time, swung on both our shoulders. Would that be weird? 😉 I love Lulu Guinness Dress Up Dolly Bag, do you?

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