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We always have heaps of fun planning our annual VIP and media event, especially because it’s for Lulu Guinness – it’s a brand that’s quirky, a little OTT and all-round-fun, making throwing a party that much funner.

Lulu has a theme for every collection, and while last year’s Fall Winter collection was themed Make up Shop, this year’s is Couture. Admittedly, it was a lot harder to throw a party revolving around the couture theme than it was make-up shop – but at the end of the day, with Cointreaupolitans, cupcakes and couture brooches, we had heaps of fun! We hope you did too!

Thanks to Cointreau (and Amanda!) for sponsoring bottles and media gifts, to Barkode for their generous help, to Spa Esprit for the generous vouchers, to Sara for photos and Jolene for her amazing cupcakes. And to everybody who came!

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